Class Overview

School of Sewing Series

Our School of Sewing is an educational series to teach the basics of sewing, more advanced techniques, or special areas of instruction.


Primary : An introductory course to learn the basics of using a sewing machine. Also a great refresher if it's been a while since you've used a machine. You'll start from the beginning and finish up with a tote bag by the end of this 2 1/2 hour class.

Middle I : An advanced beginner class that will introduce you to new techniques and skills, while building on those you learned in the Primary classes. You will make a lovely drawstring bag in this first Middle class.

Middle II : Our second advanced beginner course expands upon the techniques you've learned in our previous classes. The project for this class is an adjustable apron, and by the end of this class you should be comfortable with the basic skills required for most simple sewing projects.

Secondary : Our intermediate series consists of three courses that will further your knowledge and offer challenges in a supportive learning environment. In each of these 2 1/2 hour classes, you'll leave with a new completed project.

Get to Know Your Machine : Have your own machine but not sure how to use it? Or maybe it's been stowed away and you just need a refresher? Schedule a one-on-one time with us! We'll go over threading, winding a bobbin, tension, special bring your machine, and we'll bring the knowledge!

Principles of Patterns : In this one hour class, you'll learn all about paper patterns and what all those terms and symbols mean. You'll also learn about pdf patterns and some hints and tricks to using this newer type of pattern. 

Fabric Facts & Notion Knowledge : A primer on different types of fabrics and their uses. In our one hour class, you'll also learn about a variety of notions and how you can use them to take your sewing to the next level.


Just for Kids Series

Have a kid in your life who would love to learn to sew? We offer classes Just for Kids! Ages 8-14 are welcome to join us (exceptions may be made for other ages - contact us if you're unsure if it's a good fit for your child).


Beginner : In our first level of classes for kids, we'll go over all the basics including tools, the machine, and how to thread. We'll practice stitching on paper, and then we'll complete 1 to 2 projects to take home. Examples include a bookmark, a picture frame, and a pillowcase.

Advanced Beginner : Once we're comfortable with the basics, we can move on to slightly more advanced techniques. Fun projects include a reversible messenger bag, a drawstring bag with a pocket, and headbands.

Intermediate : We'll keep adding skills and techniques through projects! Sewing curves and putting in zippers can be tricky, but we'll learn these and more.


Workshop Series

Our workshops are a fun way to spend time with others who love to sew all while making a great project and hopefully learning a thing or two!


Knit Garment Series : Join us as we explore the world of knit fabrics and learn how to work with them on your standard sewing machine. We'll also touch on pattern preparation and simple fitting and tailoring. These workshops will be 2 sessions, and at the end you will have a completed garment. We'll offer a variety of styles, including tunics, skirts, cardigans, and other wardrobe building pieces.

Reusable Grocery Bag : Who says utilitarian can't also be colorful? We'll make a sturdy bag out of your choice of oly-fun fabric, with a reinforced bottom that folds up and closes with a snap. Perfect for keeping in your purse or your trunk so you're always prepared. Use a color you love, so you always look fabulous!

Pillowcase : Come make a lovely pillowcase for you (also makes a great gift!) and we'll supply the fabric for a second pillowcase to be donated as part of the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.